Organising insurance, tax and paperwork to get our bus on the road has taken a toll on our family dynamics this week. Rules and regulations are something we are unaccustomed too at the best of times but when your pushed for time and in a different country everything seems exacerbating. I accept I am a person on a visa, living in a temporary country so adhere to the present laws but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. I choose the ones I can live with, avoid those that cause harm and love the ones I can bend.

Our first journey together as a insured family was a Skip run. Those big metal bins that people discard their building waste in, come in handy for fitting out buses on a budget. After several lanes, business parking lots and a disagreement with my husband over directions we found a gem of a bin.

skip 3

Perched just off a main road, out of sight and filled with crap. This Skip was perfect. Our eldest daughter was keen to try her hand at dumpster diving ever since we listened to stories from the WOOFers who had stayed at our farm. From food to household supplies, these dumpster diving professionals had set the bench mark pretty high. Two girls from Belgium lived almost entirely from the throw outs of others and had even established friendly routes and timetables to coincide with business owners so that their food never saw the darkness of a garbage can. We chose not to raid for food due to health reasons and lack of experience at this stage but we do love a good rummage for everything else.

Nakeela, our first-born is 12, is shy at times and a total birding genius. It is normal to find her sitting quietly up a tree observing a common crow or recording flight paths of nesting swallows. Not today though. I rounded the corner to see her head first into a massive skip. I couldn’t help but smile and feel somewhat proud. She was calling out with excitement “I found a pair of boots Dad, come help me.”

As carpet offcuts, shelving, lights and a single bed base were hauled onto the bus I pondered what authorities or onlookers would think about our actions. The only people I could see was the guy on the phone trying to score and an odd couple making out – neither cared. The boots didn’t make the cut but we were happy with our efforts. What is the crime in using one mans rubbish? You save in so many ways; earths resources, fuel, time and money.


The laws concerning dumpster diving are different in each country and it helps to know them, just to keep yourself out of trouble. We are finding, if your sensible and polite most people are happy for you to have a scrummage throught the trash.

‘Gentle Revolution’ swayed all the way home with his uneven load. I wonder if he feels the joy in our conversation as we discuss the possibilities for his fit out. One piece of wood we found in the bin just calls to be a herb shelf and the second score will have some sort of practical use somewhere as a bench.

It’s hard to imagine what we were doing prior to buying this bus. Homeschooling, cooking and general personal hygiene is out the window at the moment. My husband hasn’t even attempted to unpack his recording gear yet. All attention is focused on one thing – the bus.

Maybe that’s where the family dynamics broke down. Perhaps pushing for things quicker than the universe was ready for, has led me here – inner disharmony. Yoga practice – GONE. Slow nutritious meals  – FORGOTTEN. Listening, loving and appreciating my husbands being – TOO HARD.

Theres a lot to be said for balance in your life and maintaining seems to be the key.

Tomorrow is always a new day, that you can be sure of and hopefully I will wake with a lighter heart.

See you aboard sometime.



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