So I  married a builder/artist/designer/creative kind of guy. He is great at making the most of what he has and even better at solving design problems with limited or no money.

Here are some images of the bus and how he’s coming along.

The salvaged pallets and broken throw out desk have become the kitchen.

 Tearing apart the old desk we saw it even had my husband’s name on it.


Space is always an issue when traveling in a camper vehicle and dealing with a family makes that a little more tricky. Here is a great idea for swinging a bed above the driver / family seats to save on room. It swings down for sleeping and locks up for traveling.

Make sure to use some sort of safety precaution if using this idea just in case the night-time load is a little too heavy and always remember to sit in the driver’s seat to maintain good vision when designing.

Here is what the bed looks like when down for sleeping and locked up for traveling.

Storage space and futon lounge conversion underway for stray guests.


So on a few hundred pounds and a week of time we are almost ready to spend our first few nights aboard the ‘gentle revolution’. There are many things we hope to add and loads of creature comforts we can wish for but for now – it’s all we need.


10 thoughts on “Transforming a Bus – On almost NO Budget

      1. Just checked your site – nothing found. Love to connect with like minded souls – give us a contact? (fb?)


      2. Thanks djdidge but we are way down south till Friday so not sure but it definately looks like our thing. See how we go. Thanks. You play the didge obviously?


  1. Great work! I did an old LDV welfare bus out in a similar fashion, most of the interior came from old furniture found in charity shops, I lived in her for about 7yrs I still have her but need to sell soon as I bought myself a massive old bedford coach so am going through the process again… I find a conversion such as this will never be finished as you’ll want to keep changing things around 🙂 good work, keep it up and keep posting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always good to hear other peoples stories. Any photos? Yes Its hard to stop oursleves – shelf here, art there, just talking about a little wood heater this morning but we are so small – maybe the next one. haha


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