House sit over its time to board the bus. There is a little more to do until its complete but for now – he’s home.

We only had a couple of weeks to convert our minbus and mini he is with the four of us inside. We have beds and some new clothes boxes. Just need to clean and move everything in.

There is small kitchen with a seated area and rear doors.

We have lots of things not finished or waiting to be fixed, screwed or installed but we DO have privacy, somewhere comfortable to sit, a food prep area and the freedom to travel at will.

It has been a process of working out what we NEED rather than what we WANT and using found materials to do the build. If we didnt have to buy the tools we spent about $200 on the fit out so far using throw outs and recycled materials.


He keeps us relatively warm, dry and connected to the natural world as much as possible and best of all – on the road. Freedom, experience, saving money and adventure are our motivating forces behind buying the bus and hes proving to be the vessel that delivers all this.

A new front dashboard complete with air vents has been put in so the roving recording studio can be set up.

The curtains are up – just bed box drop curtains to yet complete.

Now its time to find a camp. First few days aboard the ‘Gentle Revolution’and look where we ended up.


Looking forward to sharing our adventures along the way.





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