Lost in the mess of what was the European Rainbow seedcamp, I was given the opportunity to really take a look at what I stand for (or stood for) and what I want to share with the world and teach my children.

Through the morning smoke I quietly made my way to the ‘shit pit’ on my morning ritual. Scanning the perimeters for any Police presence I quickly realised I didn’t want to be here. I didnt like the thought of involving my family in a Police show down for someone elses ego war. Not quite the Rainbow love I was used to back in Australia but I reminded myself I was on this global journey to expand my perceptions and limited ideals and decided to stay for one more day.

Stepping over last nights remains which were still sleeping in the grass I laughed to myself as I remembered the couple who arrived on the doorstep of our bus the night before. They looked exactly like Jesus and his female equivalent. I had quickly invited my fellow Rainbow family aboard as it was pouring rain and offered them some hot tea and sesame crackers. Within 3 mins we had established each others religious views, path in life, current financial status and sexual preferences. Although we were not interested in Jesus and his disciple we were flattered by his offer. The conversation continued for a couple of more minutes before they pulled out some sort of little guitar and played for their supper.

They were pilgrims in this world and relied on the charities of others and Gods love for their total survival. I liked their simplicity and values but the foundations of their way of life came from an extreme Christian base and they knew only one language – the preaching one. We agreed on many things and disagreed on more but one thing for sure is that we shared a common passion for the people of the world to find peace and happiness through compassionate living – I liked them. As Jesus discussed the present situation in Turkey with my husband I couldn’t stop thinking though – if all the people of the world followed in their footsteps who would grow the food to feed them?

Each day at Rainbow felt longer and longer and the kids grew more tired of moving from one camp to another. I dodged some toilet paper on the trail hoping I had missed the contaminants and thought about why I had come to the Rainbow Gathering. Why did I travel from our ancestral England across the top of Europe and down into Austria in some short few weeks. What was the rush?

I wanted to connect with fellow earth warriors. I wanted to laugh and cook, dance and connect with aware individuals that shone some light outwards instead of the usual fearful engagements filled with bitterness and worry. The current regimes and governments create so many robots working, buying, working, dying. Rainbow had delivered – a friendship in the form of a beautiful Kiwi woman and her daughter (Kaya) and if that’s all we take from this years gathering than we are extremely grateful.

I returned to the bus to find a group of Rainbow early rises having a heated conversation with 2 Police. I didn’t understand a word of German but I got the general idea. A lot more Police would be here soon. We learnt some hours later that we had until Monday morning to leave – but we were already gone.

Like any Rainbow there was an assortment of colourful beings. Some rode bikes and performed in a circus while others liked it nude all the time. There were your usual stoners, egos, those who wanted something from you and the mentally ill to deal with but on the whole our short stay with the Rainbow tribe was a positive one. We felt comfortable to be ourselves as it really didn’t matter what we did. There was always someone else doing something more political, more crazy, more drug induced, loving or spiritual than ourselves. We just floated through the circles enjoying our time, our children, ourselves and the energy of the land.

Leaving the hills behind i felt like I was leaving a family behind but not one I was willing to defend on any level. Austria, with its crystal clear waters, pristine pine forests and inaccessible mountain ranges was something however I would fight for. So there’s the dilemma. I totally disagreed the location of impact the Rainbow Family would inflict upon this precious land. Any person, Rainbow or not should think hard about their impact upon such wild lands when considering camping or hiking. I was shocked at the idea that Rainbow would consider taking thousands of individuals into these wonderous hills and was glad when we were forced to leave.

I realise I stand for earth just as much as I stand for peace. How can the world evolve without this union?

Having the intention to walk with respect and awareness is different to living it.

May all the Rainbows shine together in unity with our earth and its people to be a living example of harmonious life.



7 thoughts on “The Rainbow Haze of Realisation

    1. Thanks Sammi – love recieved. Enjoying seeing your new found energy on the pics your posting of late. Bless you and your family. x


  1. Mate – your a good writer, I really enjoy the insight within the blogs. I’ve wondered what the rainbow gatherings are like and the people they attract.
    Any grouping of any fauna is destructive to the local environment but nature encourages these grouping from the massive wilder beast herds to the march of the emperor penguins, as long it is in a natural place natures clean up crew , scavengers and insects redistribute the concentrated nutrients throughout the landscape. But this doesn’t happen when people group in cities where the waste destroys more of the natural system.
    Do not despair in people, for it is only in people this world can be saved from the predicament it has had a hand in creating. There’s a lot of good people out there but they are controlled and corrupted by a shitty system.
    I’m not a religious person, as none practice there preachings, it has become another shitty system of blind dogma and hierarchical control, but I have read the bible – a creation story at the start, then a history of the Jewish people throughout the years from desert tribes to ruling class to slaves then back to ruling class then concurred but the Romans – then like a breath of fresh mountain air – Jesus – but only half truths or truths hidden between two lies remain in a heavily doctored manuscript,
    Anyway the point I think I’m trying to make is try not to judge but not a the expense of your wonderful insight.
    Say hello to beautiful family for me, and tell Bill I miss him.
    Love Normmy xxxx

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    1. Ohhh Normmy I miss our wonderful conversations and your smiling face. Thanks for the kind words and again the guidance to connect with fellow man as I do with nature. I love and miss you and your family.


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