Taking responsibility for the schooling of a child is no easy task. My hat goes off to every educator that wants to better the life of another individual.

For years I have followed or been guided by other people’s curriculums, ideas, standards and rules when considering the type of education I wished for my children. We have tried a lot……including government public school (big and small).

From this point forward though, I totally trust my own intuition that I can raise the level of my children’s mental, spiritual and physical well being to a point that will bring them and the world happiness.

I trust I can listen and attune to their needs in order to foster a natural environment for learning and life….for all they need, lies within…….I just have to hold the space and allow the learning to flow.

I have been keenly watching a woman (on fb) recently posting her 100 days of home schooling. It seems that most people home school until the teenage years come along. What happens then? There is so much information and resources aimed at the younger ages for home schooling and lets face it – when your young and life is new, most things are stimulating.

So what to do when your kids are reaching that age when a simple request is met with a face that resembles a rejected pug dog (no offence to pugs)? How do I instil a sense of wonder and excitement for learning and life when minecraft and apps rule the world.

For the next year I want to show you how we operate our schooling life. A realistic documentation of life’s daily activities with the aim of getting my kids one step closer to surviving and enhancing this world.

Id love to inspire you but more so Id love you to inspire me………

Day 1. (F – Female)


Last week of a 2 term public school trial for my youngest (F aged 10)

Write about our day of natural dying (F 13)

Garden and prepare lunch

Read fantasy novel (F13)






2 thoughts on “Learning Naturally

  1. Dearest sis Your words gives me gentle comfort Since ive been searching and working in different platform as a guide and kids mentor i have found that what is the most important for me is to see the kids as they are…. And in no way try to prepare them to adult life…. Since childhood is a profound , short period in everyones life…. And then meet them through what ever activity that comes along from the individual meetings and person…. All embraced in The NVC nonviolence communication practice and lots of compassion ….. It is true that there comes a point at teens age that for most of us social interactions are what really important and intrigue us as teens and maybe that is the reason that at that point kids choose to go to normal schools…. Since it is a big challenge to provide that at home Even one on wheels ….. I think of you often I love you all ways Shiri

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    1. I was reading your comment thinking what a beautiful soul, such a heart felt reply, I must get to know this person….then realised it was you. You came across my mind 2 days ago and I meant to write so tonight I will. Love to you till then.


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