BIO of our lives


  • natural building
  • permaculture
  • organic gardening and market garden set up
  • sewing
  • drumming
  • meditation (Vipassana)
  • home schooling – natural learning
  • vegetarian cooking
  • birding and reconnection to nature
  • recording studio on board bus
  • photography


This is what we built using recycled, reclaimed and naturally sourced materials.

Its was here in a remote little rainforest oasis that we learnt to grow our food, live with the seasons and flow with the changing moons. We ran permaculture, weaving and natural building courses and cooked with full heart intention.

Now we reside here. Where ever that may be.


We became disconnected with the idea of owning land and so completed a bus fitout (or two) and hit the road.

Early 2018 we realised living in this world without money (with two teenagers) was almost impossible so manifested an idea to stay traveling while making a little on the side. The Art of Living was born with Gypsy Green our new project.

A vegan bus to serve delicious food at markets and festivals around Australia.

Hope to see you on the road and in our hearts some time.

With much metta, the Simpson Crew.